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A First World Problem Is Still A Problem

January 3, 2013 at 12:00 PM

I went to Ikkicon last weekend with my younger brother and a few of my friends, and it was a lot more fun than it was last year. I spent a lot of money, I learned a great many things, and had a wonderful time.

Here are the highlights.

If you're going to buy one thing, you might as well buy six!

Some of you may be familiar with "The Slippery Slope", i.e. the practice of buying figures and other such merchandise from various anime, manga, and video games. Well I've been riding down that particular incline for a few years now, and as I get older and make more money, my collection only grows more and more powerful.

Anyway, I thought that I had bought a lot of figures this year at San-Japan, but my haul from Ikkicon this year (pictured on the right) blew that collection out of the water! Here's a quick break down of what I bought.

Now while this haul from Ikkicon is pretty darn awesome, though it would have been better if I could have found an Elsie figure, I'm faced with a serious problem. I don't have anywhere to put these new figures! My current shelf situation has just about reached critical mass, but I have a plan!

When I get back to my apartment on Friday, I'm going to bust out some serious feng shui on my room. What I want to do is get two or three of these DETOLF glass display cabinets from IKEA, and then rig up some cool LED lighting in them as outlined by this article. I've seen examples of other people's collections who have taken this approach, and it looks pretty awesome. I've got the skills and cash necessary to execute a project like this, now I just need to figure out how to fit it all in to my room, and still be able to sleep.

That boy aint right.

This one came way out of nowhere. The guy who played the voice of John Redcorn from King of the Hill was at Ikkicon. He was signing autographs, and selling John Redcornchips. I bought a bag, and got him to say a few lines from the show. It was a cool experience, but it's also such an odd thing to see at an anime convention, that you just gotta laugh.

The Game Room

One thing that has always been way hit or miss for me at cons, is the game room. This year Ikkicon's game room was pretty meh. They had a few consoles and you could pick a few games to play which was nice, but the TVs were way too small, and Melee was straight up banned. There was a little Rock Band station set up, but that's kinda hard to get into when you can barely hear the music. There was also a rigged up Stepmania (DDR for PC) game, and that was it.

I wish Ikkicon would do what they did a few years ago, and have 20 or so PCs setup on a LAN, and just have everyone play Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty. That was waaaaaay more fun. It wasn't that the game room was terrible or anything, it just wasn't very good.

If I were in charge of setting up the ideal game room for a con, here's what I'd have.

  • Consoles on something bigger than fifteen inch displays.
  • One or two DDR or Stepmania machines.
  • A Street Fighter arcade cabinet.
  • 16 - 20 PCs with Unreal Tournament, Call of Duty, and/or some other fast paced multiplayer games. (Tribes :D)
  • A Dance Maniax machine.
  • Melee tournament on Friday.
  • Brawl tournament on Saturday.
  • DDR tournament on Saturday night.

Dubs in my VN? It's more likely than you think.

We went to a panel on Saturday about dubbing visual novels. This was a subject that had us scratching our heads, as we had never heard of anything like this before. Well apparently it's a thing, albeit a pretty small one. The panel itself was more focused on how to not suck at being a professional voice over talent, and was very interesting.

I'm pretty sure the panel was being ran by the people from Sake Visual, and we were able to learn all about non-Japanese visual novels, and about the English VN dubbing scene. I ended up buying some stuff from them later that day after the panel (pictured left).

The game at the top in the picture is Koenchu, and it's the only one that I've played so far. I started out playing it with the English dub on, but I didn't like it. To be fair, it's a game about being in a school for becoming a voice actor in Japan, so it would be pretty hard to make a dub that would be able to really capture the essence of moe moe Japanese seiyuu.

The bottom two games are a series of detective games that was developed here in the US by Sake Visual. I'm excited to play these two. They were described to me as being kind of like Phoenix Wright mixed with Higurashi, which sounds like a pretty sweet combo. From what I've seen from the art shown off by the about page on the Sake Visual website, the art looks like it'll be pretty good. I just hope that the dub is decent too.

Nerdcore Comedy

Ikkicon had a nerdcore comedy show this year, and it was pretty good. We were late and missed the first act, but the second guy was pretty good, and he totally made fun of these super saiyan level loud dudes that were sitting right behind us. The final act was Alex "KOOLAID" Ansel, and he was great. My brother and I saw him at San-Japan earlier this year, and he was even better this time at Ikkicon. He performed for a long time, told some jokes I hadn't heard from him before, and was all around awesome. I even picked up a copy of his bootleg.

The End.

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