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Gentle Brute

December 3, 2011 at 12:00 PM

== Source code available on my Github. ==

One of the major drawbacks to using a brute force attack to crack a password, is that it can literally take billions of years (if not more) to try all of the possible permuations of a user's password. One way to cut down on this, is to skip trying passwords that would be unlikely for a target user to have. (Things like 'aaaaaa', 'asdf7777772dn', etc) Gentle-Brute is a Ruby gem designed to generate only "English-like" words and phrases for more heuristic brute force password cracking attacks. An English-like word is a sequence of characters that may not necessarilly be an actual English word, but still adheres to the "rules" of English words. By only using these kinds of words and phrases when attempting to crack a password with brute force, it's possible to greatly reduce amount of time it takes to find a matching hash.

What are the "Rules" of English-like words and phrases?

Please see my article Building the Better Brute Force Algorithm - A Guide to Heuristic Password Cracking for a detailed explanation of this subject.



gem install gentle_brute


git clone git@github.com:jamespenguin/gentle-brute.git
          gem build gentle_brute.gemspec
          gem install gentle_brute-<version>.gem


Gentle-Brute includes a handy dandy pre-written application (GentleBrute) for crackng MD5 hashes, or you can write your own custom password cracking programs.

Using GentleBrute

~/GentleBrute --help
          GentleBrute [options]
                  --word-list                Generate a word list of valid English-like words and phrases for a given length
                  --cross-compare-crack      Cross compare brute force cracking times for a given md5 hash between GentleBrute, and regular brute forcing.
                  --validate                 Test whether a given word or phrase is considered valid
                  --crack-md5                Crack a single MD5 password hash
                  --crack-md5-list           Crack a series of MD5 password hashes in a given file
                  --rainbow-table            Build MD5 hash rainbow table
              -h, --help                     Print this help message

Writing Your Own Password Cracker

require 'digest/md5'
          require 'gentle_brute'
          target_hash = '58e53d1324eef6265fdb97b08ed9aadf'
          b = GentleBrute::BruteForcer.new
          while true
            phrase = b.next_valid_phrase
            attempt_hash = Digest::MD5.hexdigest(phrase)
            puts "Password is #{phrase}" if attempt_hash == target_hash
            break if attempt_hash == target_hash

Is there really a big difference in speed?

You bet there is!

But does it really work?

See for yourself!

gem install gentle_brute
          wget https://raw.github.com/jamespenguin/gentle-brute/master/passwords.txt
          GentleBrute --crack-md5-list passwords.txt

== Source code available on my Github. ==

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