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November 20, 2011 at 12:00 PM

I have lots of things to talk about, I've been busy this last month!

I got my new computer put together (specs here), and it is awesome. Newegg didn't process my order for some reason the first time around, so I had to wait an extra week and reorder. I decided to splurge and add another 8gb of RAM (for just $50!), now I'm rolling with 16gb of RAM on this machine, and it feels just great. I'm still totally blown away at how far tech has come, and how low prices have become, since I built my last PC in 2005. I remember the ballin' ASUS motherboard I put in my first PC supported a maximum of 4gb of RAM, and now my new PC does that in just one stick! I love it!

Needless to say, my new command center is way legit. I've uploaded some pictures of it to my Photobucket, check it out!

Since I have such a manly computer right now, I figured I might as well capitalize on that, and play some games with all their bells and whistles cranked up to maximum. Unfortunately for me, I've forgotten what my Steam password is. What's worse, I don't know what the answer is to my secret question! Oh well. So I created a new Steam account, and now I only have one game.

At the behest of a few of my friends, I decided to purchase a copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum, and then proceeded to play the crap out of that game. Arkham Asylum is a fantastic game, and I loved every second of it. There's just something magical about lurking in the shadows, picking off the Joker's henchmen one by one, and watching in glee as they start to freak out as their numbers dwindle. Definitely good times.

Once I have some more disposable income, I plan on buying a copy of Skyrim, as well as a copy of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I'm looking forward to playing Amesia, apparently it is supposed to make me crap my pants in absolute terror, which definitely sounds like my idea of a good time on a Thursday afternoon.

Also at some point I need to pick up a Wii Motion Plus Wiimote, and a copy of Skyward Sword. According to IGN, it is the greatest Zelda game of all time, which is definitely a big claim, but I hope it's true. I love Ocarina of Time, and if this game surpasses it, it's a total win-win for me. Also one to one motion control sword fighting sounds just wonderful.

On the anime front, I've seen/am watching a lot of new things, and in the spirit of brevity, I'll just give you the highlights a la bullet point.

  • I rewatched Gunbuster for the second time, and it was still pretty good. I really wish it was longer than just six episodes though. Everything just feels really rushed and unexplained due in large part to the time constraint. It's not enough to ruin the show for me, but I'd really love to know just what exactly Kazumi Amano does inside the Gunbuster. It seems to me that Noriko is the one who actually handles all the laser beams, and cool poses. Whatever though, it's still super rad, and you should watch it.
  • I've started watching School Rumble, and it is awesome! I seriously can't stop smiling while I'm watching this show. (The dub isn't bad either.)
  • I finally got to finish watching Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, and I really enjoyed it. I got my hands on a dual-audio DVD rip of the series, and was pleasantly surprised at how well Funimation did on the dub. There was the odd voice here and there that made me grimace, but it was never enough for me to switch over to the sub. As is typical with anything BEETRAIN does, there wasn't any blood when people got shot, but that didn't have a major negative impact on my experience either. (I'd rather see at least some blood though.) I'm still on the fence on whether or not BEETRAIN does the whole no-blood thing due to some sort of censorship concern, or if they're just lazy and don't feel like drawing it. Phantom was a good watch, and definitely something you should look in to if you like shows with assassins or mafia themes.
  • I watched the Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works movie (in glorious 1080p), and loved every single second of it. Visually it was quite captivating, and they did a fantastic job capturing just how powerful the servants are. The movie was definitely geared toward people who have played the VN though. They skip big fat chunks of time/plot over the course of the movie, which isn't a problem if you've played the VN, but would probably make things very confusing and frustrating for someone who hasn't. It's definitely worth watching either way.
  • I've also watched a bunch of Lupin III specials as well, and they were all legit in their own special ways. The one in particular though that I really liked was Episode 0 'First Contact' which was an origin story for how the Lupin gang got together. Goemon cut a lightning bolt in half, it was great.

I've been doing lots of neat programming things too. The great majority of my time has been dedicated to revamping my existing iOS apps, and working on some new ones as well. I won't say anything about the super cool top secret new apps I'm working on right now, since they're still in a pre-release state, but suffice it to say they're going to rock your world.

A major accomplishment for Studio Bebop, that I can talk about, is what has recently happened with the iManga Reader series. Over the last two days, Apple has approved a major update to the free version, and finally approved the pro version for sale again!

I'm very excited about these releases, not only because they're my primary bread winners right now, but also because I really am proud of the improvements and additions I've made. Along with a bunch of miscellaneous bug-fixes and performance tweaks, I've revamped a lot of the UI code to be a lot more 'iOS like', and have added full support for sharing your favorite manga series via Facebook or Twitter. (The recently added native Twitter API for iOS 5 is gloriously simple by the way, and I'm in love with it.)

The feature I'm most proud of though, is the addition of automatic reading statistic tracking for a user using MyAnimeList. For those of you who don't know, MyAnimeList is a website that allows people to keep a detailed log of all the anime and manga that they have watched or read, as well as the stuff they're watching or reading at the moment. It's kinda like if Facebook swallowed Wikipedia, and crapped out a database driven spreadsheet. It's surprisingly fun once you get into it, you can see my profile here.

So in the latest release of the iManga Reader, a user can now just enter their MyAnimeList username and password in the app settings, and the app will automatically track what they're reading and update their MyAnimeList for them every time they start a new series, or finish reading a chapter!

Glorious iManga updates aside, I've also added a new project to the code page. In short, it's a Python application that allows you to automate creating user accounts for any phpBB forum. It also has full support for CAPTCHA cracking via Decaptcher.com.

End Transmission.

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