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CDYNE SMS Notify! Python Module

October 8, 2011 at 12:00 PM

This is a spiffy drop-in Python module for interacting with the CDYNE SMS Notify! web API. For more information, see the CDYNE SMS Notify! website.


Add the module somewhere where your project will be able to get at it, and use it like so.

import sms_notify
          license_key = "" # Put your SMS Notify license key here
          sms = sms_notify.session(license_key)
          # Send a message
          phone_number = "30355512345"
          message = "This is a test message"
          sms.simple_sms_send(phone_number, message)
          # Get unread messages sent to the DID associated with your license key
          messages = sms.get_unread_incoming_messages()
          for message in message:
              print message

Download from my Github Repository!

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